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Frequently asked questions - diamonds

How much will you pay for my diamond?

This is the single most important question when you are considering selling a piece of diamond jewellery.


The value of a diamond is primarily determined by its 4C's:

CARAT: what is the diamond carat weight

COLOUR: does the diamond look brilliant white/clear, or grey/yellow

CLARITY: does the diamond have ‘inclusions’

CUT: how well does a diamond reflect light?


Once these four factors are known, we can determine how much your diamond is worth.


How quickly do I get paid?

If you accept our offer to purchase your diamond, we will proceed to pay you immediately by whichever method you choose – cheque, inter-bank transfer, or cash.


Will you purchase my diamond?

We are currently looking to purchase diamonds that are at least 0.50 ct (1/2 carat) in weight or larger. We will always give preference to quality diamonds, of larger sizes that are accompanied by a UK recognised diamond certificate.


 If you have a ring with multiple diamonds, the main diamond must be 0.50ct or larger


PLEASE NOTE – We only purchase natural diamonds - we do not purchase diamonds that:


•  Have been clarity enhanced

•  Laser drilled

•  Artificially colour treated

•  Are of diamond clarity  I2 or lower

•  Contain black ‘eye visible’ inclusions


Will you take the diamond out of my ring?

No - we will not remove the diamond from its setting for the inspection.  If your diamond is currently set into a ring or other piece of jewellery, it will be inspected by our diamond expert in the setting.  


Should you decide not to accept our offer to sell us your diamond, your diamond jewellery will be returned to you in its original condition


How do you value my diamond?

In certain circumstances and only with your permission, we may request that we send your diamond for testing and verification to a third party gemologist. There will be no charge to you.


A diamond report will be created which will clearly show details of your diamond’s carat weight, cut, proportions, clarity and colour.


Our diamond expert will use this accurate report to value your diamond and will construct an offer to purchase your diamond.


Do you buy gold jewellery?

Yes we do – we pay top market prices for gold, silver and platinum.


Please see our client Frequently Asked Questions about selling gold & gold coins


9. What happens if I don't accept your offer to buy my diamond?

In the unlikely event that you do not wish to accept our offer then we will return your items to you at no cost to you. We send all return parcels by Royal Mail Special Delivery which is fully insured with signature on receipt - so there really is no risk to you.



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